ConvertKit’s Free Grow Your Audience Challenge

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ConvertKit’s Free Grow Your Audience Challenge

Grow your email list in 30 days with ConvertKit’s free, 30-day Grow Your Audience Challenge, which is designed to help creators grow their email lists.

Throughout the 30 days, you’ll get the tools you need to create a new landing page and grow your audience, access to the community to keep you accountable, and on-demand workshops to teach you list-building tips.

The 30-day challenge includes four pre-recorded workshops throughout the challenge to teach you each step of email list growth via a landing page (opt-in creation, building the landing page, and promotion of the landing page).

It’s free to register for the Grow Your Audience Challenge, and you’ll get a free trial account of ConvertKit just for joining to kickstart your email list this year.

Join the Grow Your Audience Challenge

ConvertKit Free Grow Your Audience Challenge

Free Email Writing Workshop: 3 Steps to Raving Fans + Customers

In this free email writing workshop, Isa Adney from ConvertKit will share with you:

  • How to write emails that make people want to read + buy
  • 10 ideas for what to write, inspired by creators making a full-time living online
  • A step-by-step tutorial to get your email writing system set up in 24 hours

Get Your Free Email Writing Workshop!

Convertkit doubles up as a robust and superb email management system, and they’ve recently introduced a new tool to build landing pages that you can either link to or host on your own website using their WordPress plugin.

Watch the Convertkit and WordPress training to learn how to add a landing page to your domain and give your landing page the branded URL of your website. You can only do this if you are using a WordPress site and the ConvertKit WordPress plugin.

The Creator Pass gives you all-access entry to four courses that give you the teaching and tools you need to build a thriving business focused on doing work that you love.

It features everything you need to get your online business off the ground and start earning a living from your craft.

This world-class training will give early-stage creators a roadmap on their journey to building a business. You’ll also receive a year of access to ConvertKit, the world’s best email marketing tool for creators.

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