Free Blog Promotion Checklist (Downloadable PDF)

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Creating a daily, weekly, and monthly blog promotion routine is crucial for increasing the visibility and reach of your content.

This free, downloadable blog promotion checklist covers updating old blog posts, creating Pinterest pins, building links, and sharing on social media.

Click here to download the PDF of this Blog Promotion Checklist


Conduct a weekly or monthly content audit. Regularly revisit your content strategy based on audit insights.

☑ Review Analytics:

Start your day by checking the previous day’s blog performance using tools like Google Analytics. Identify popular posts and understand audience behavior.

☑ Update Content:

Pick one or two older blog posts each day and update them with fresh information, new images, or additional resources.

☑ Check Links:

Ensure that all internal and external links are working correctly. Fix any broken links.

☑ Optimize SEO:

Review and update meta titles, meta descriptions, and keyword usage for improved search engine visibility.


☑ Design Pins:

Create visually appealing Pinterest pins for your latest blog posts using tools like Canva or Adobe Spark.

☑ Pin to Relevant Boards:

Pin each new pin to relevant boards on your Pinterest account. Use appropriate keywords and descriptions.


☑ Blogger Outreach:

Identify potential collaborators, bloggers, or websites for link-building opportunities. Send outreach emails to establish connections.

☑ Internal Linking:

Find opportunities to add internal links to new or existing blog posts. This helps with SEO and keeps readers engaged.


☑ Schedule Posts:

Use social media management tools like Simplified, Hootsuite, or Buffer to schedule posts throughout the day.

☑ Variety of Platforms:

Share your blog post on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any others relevant to your audience.

☑ Engage with Followers:

Respond to comments, messages, and mentions on social media to foster engagement and build a community.

☑ Monitor Performance:

Check the performance of your posts on different platforms. Adjust your strategy if needed.

 ☑ Content Calendar:

Review and adjust your content calendar based on the performance of your recent posts.

☑ Long-Term Strategy:

Evaluate the success of your long-term goals. Adjust your strategy for the upcoming week accordingly.


☑ Track Trends:

Stay updated on industry trends and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

☑ User Feedback Integration:

Act on user comments and feedback to enhance user experience and address concerns.

☑ Experiment with Formats:

Try different content formats (videos, infographics) using blog-to-video tools like InkSprout to keep your content engaging and diverse.

☑ Keyword Refresh:

Regularly update keywords to align with current search trends and improve SEO performance.

☑ Promote Evergreen Content:

Continuously share evergreen content on social media to maintain relevance and drive traffic.

☑ Content Calendar Adjustments:

Modify your content calendar based on real-time data and emerging topics to stay topical.

☑ A/B Testing:

Experiment with different CTAs, headlines, or visuals to optimize conversion rates.

☑ Collaborate and Network:

Build partnerships with influencers for collaborative content, expanding your reach and providing fresh perspectives.

☑ Stay Agile:

Be flexible in adapting your content strategy based on evolving market dynamics and audience preferences.


  • Adapt this blog promotion checklist based on your specific needs and the nature of your blog.
  • Continuously refine and optimize your content, considering user feedback, analytics, and industry trends. This iterative process ensures ongoing relevance and effectiveness.
  • Use tools and plugins (e.g., Rank Math, Jetpack, Google Analytics) to streamline and automate certain tasks.
  • Consistency is key. Make sure to follow this routine every day/week/month to see significant results over time.

By following this blog promotion checklist, you can maintain a well-rounded and effective daily blog promotion strategy.


Click here to download the PDF of this Blog Promotion Checklist

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