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How Dave Austin Became a Famous Author, Speaker & Coach

Dave Austin, High-Performance Performance Coach, Founder of Extreme Focus, Co-Author of Be A Beast and Songwriting for Dummies, has built his brand through speaking gigs at prestigious venues like the UN, The Pentagon and Harvard and other organisations.

In this interview, we spoke about his books, his course and his personal branding strategies. Here are some personal branding tips gleaned from the interview.

Danielle Ralston’s Strategy For Online Branding

Danielle Ralston, CEO of BeBossGirl, has her own morning show and a brand strategy course. In this interview, we spoke about her personal branding strategies and brand strategy course. Here are some personal branding tips gleaned from our discussion.

Roshan Raykar On Personal Branding With Great Content

For Goa-based animation entrepreneur, Roshan Raykar, personal branding is about creating great content and giving back. He runs his own animation studio, Rosh Ideations, his own training wing called School of Passion, and is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.

Hear him discuss how he built his personal brand by consistently putting out great content on YouTube, often with a social message, and his educational venture that aims to transform how artists build their business online.

Nick Tubis’ Secret Upwork Hacks For Beginners

Nick Tubis is the Founder and CEO of FreelancingClients.com. He’s been a serial entrepreneur and has been a driving force of the freelance economy. Hear him discuss the importance of personal branding for freelancers and offer his secret Upwork hacks to help you get started on Upwork.

Inbound Marketer, Suma E P: Be Real, Be Intentional With Your Branding

Suma heads Niswey, an inbound and account-based marketing company based in New Delhi, India. She has over 20 years of experience in driving content strategies for technology-driven businesses, including the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft and Intel. Listen to Suma discuss how to be real and intentional with what you share on social media.

Evolution Of A Personal Brand With Dr Letitia Wright

Dr Letitia Wright shares her journey of entrepreneurship, how she went from physician to talk-show host, and how her personal brand evolved over the years to bring more meaning and purpose into her business.

Veena Maheshwari on Branding Yourself as a Fiction Writer

Veena Maheshwari, Founder & CEO of SciMysFic Publishing House, and I discuss science-fiction writing tips, creativity-boosting strategies of famous fiction writers like Richard Bach, and the book marketing strategies that famous writers like John Locke and George R. R. Martin use to build an author platform of raving fans.

How Kashesh Chhabbria Uses Video To Promote Mental Health | Hinglish

Kashesh Chhabbria is a Life Clarity and Transformation Coach as well as a Video Coach helping people learn how to face the camera confidently and create great videos on a budget. In this interview, we discuss how she uses video to brand herself while promoting the message of mental health.

Using Video To Elevate Your Personal Brand With Komal Kokate

In this interview with Komal Kokate, Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, we discuss how the power of stories and video marketing can elevate your personal brand and take it to the next level.

How Vandana Saxena Reinvented Herself as a Writer

Vandana Saxena discusses how she built her brand as a writer by teaching her audience to write great social media copy and shares about the challenges of video creation for introverts.

How Nelson Toriano Went From Silicon Valley To Financial Literacy Coach

Nelson Toriano went from working in Silicon Valley to becoming a Financial Literacy Coach for fitness professionals. He discusses how to build a genuine personal brand by following your passion and finding a way to contribute.

Vikram Kumar On Making Letstrack a Leading Brand In GPS Tracking | Hinglish

Vikram Kumar, Head Coach and Founder of Letstrack, regales us with stories of how his tech is being used in ways that he never thought it would be used and the importance of creating awareness of GPS tracking to improve security and transparency.

Charu Dhyani On How Personal Growth Helps Personal Branding

Charu Dhyani shares what made her start Wudbox, her mindful consumption brand, and discusses the importance of personal growth and mastery in personal branding.

YouTuber, Dharam Vora, On How He’s Positioning Himself As A Learner

YouTuber, Dharam Vora, shares how he’s learning about entrepreneurship by interviewing experts on his #ASKTHEHUSTLERS show and why his approach to personal branding is to position himself as a learner.

Neha Kanodia On Branding Herself As a Mentor To Women In Tech

Neha Kanodia, Founder of GoGaga Dating App, on her startup journey and how she’s branding herself as a mentor to other women as a Facebook SheLeadsTech ambassador for Bangalore.

Angela Treat Lyon’s Book Writing & Self-Publishing Tips

Angela Treat Lyon is a professional artist of over 50 years, a best-selling author and self-publishing specialist. She teaches writers and authors a special, unique sequence that helps them focus, write easily and publish faster. In this interview, we discuss book writing and publishing tips for non-fiction authors.

Online Course Creation Tips With Christine Lindebak

Christine Lindebak offers online course creation tips, recommendations for the best online course platforms and how to use Udemy free online courses as a lead magnet.

Don’t Chase Startup Funding: Startup Tips From Aakash Anand

Aakash Anand, founder and CEO of Bella Vita Organic, tells young entrepreneurs not to chase startup funding. Watch the interview for marketing tips for startups.

Sharing Your Brand Promise And Brand Message With Jyoti Mundra

The first step of brand development is figuring out your brand promise and brand message. Jyoti Mundra is very clear on hers as she works to show her customers how to make more conscious choices.

Writing Persuasive Brand Copy With Copywriter, Lovelyn Bettison

Lovelyn Bettison and I discuss how to use the power of copywriting for good, how to write persuasive brand copy that leads with benefits and nurture your email list.

Rob Kosberg On Making An Impact With A Bestseller Book

Rob Kosberg of Bestseller Publishing explains what goes into writing a bestseller and how to write a bestselling book that can increase your impact and income.

Kait LeDonne’s Personal Branding Toolkit And LinkedIn Branding Tips

What is a personal branding toolkit and why is Linkedin important for personal branding? Learn how to brand yourself on LinkedIn and boost your LinkedIn profile views in this interview with LinkedIn profile specialist, Kait LeDonne.

Using Brand Archetypes For Personal Branding With Kaye Putnam

Psychology-driven brand strategist, Kaye Putnam, explains how to use the 12 Jungian brand archetypes to create a personal brand that stands the test of time.

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