Marketing Consultant | Client Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials we have received from former and current clients.


An ‘always on’ social media Guru is how I would describe Priya. She brings a distinctive perspective of strong insights and energy that is inspirational. Priya earns my highest recommendation.

Vivek Menon, Marketing Director, JLL UK



prasad-menonPriya was among the first ones to see the digital marketing future, years before it became a hygiene factor in India. She is an authority on digital marketing and social media, therefore, is the right person to engage for professionals and students looking to up their Digital Marketing Knowledge. On my invite, she conducted a successful workshop for the 2nd year MMS (postgraduate Management Students) of Marketing at Fr. Agnel Business School (FCRIMS). We look forward to another workshop for the new batch.

Prasad Menon, Associate Partner at Better Future India



arun-chitnisPriya’s services as a blogging consultant have been invaluable in creating more awareness about our client’s brand. She has a deep understanding of what works online and is an expert in using social media for brand propagation.

– Arun Chitnis, PR & Media Relations Consultant



priya-roshan-poduvalI am happy to have Priya and Blog Brandz team take care of my digital social media marketing. I would highly recommend their services. The best part is Priya being a dog lover understands our concept and our services and gives us the best results. Since the time she is handling our marketing, we have increased our sales, fans and followers. I love the articles she posts on the blogs. She is one of the best bloggers in the country. Thank you, Priya for helping Peppy Paws grow.

– Priya Poduval, The Peppy Paws Pet Resort





Priya conducted a digital marketing workshop for our team. Apart from her knowledge and practical tips, her attitude to go the extra mile to support us, was truly amazing.

Anshumaan Bansal, Gempro




nakul-saxenaDefinitely got value from the services offered. The traffic on our website improved. 10 on 10. Will recommend the services to others. The price point was very satisfactory. Think you were the first bloggers who actually gave value for money and were not expensive for a startup. Felt you guys were not ripping me off and were looking at my interest as well. Also found the company a very professional company to work with, timelines were always adhered to really loved that.

– Nakul Saxena,


tarannum-dobriyalIts been an amazing experience to get coached by you, even to overcome a writer’s block and to begin blogging, you have been a true inspiration to get it all going for me. The step by step easy process of setting up my blog. Its helped me in my work to build, to be socially connected too. you have made it extremely easy for me. Thanks once again, happy writing is a part of my life now.

– Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal, Founder & Director, TYDideas