Personal Branding Workshop With Priya Florence Shah

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Why is branding important? What branding steps are involved in the branding process? Online branding expert, Priya Florence Shah, conducts interactive and engaging training events and personal branding workshops to help authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and CEOs create a Magnetic & Powerful Personal Brand.

In her Creating Brand YOU personal branding workshop, she uses personal branding theory and branding ideas to take her audience through the branding process, so they acquire a better understanding of themselves and of their ideal client.

Using personal branding tools, personal branding tests, and fun branding exercises, she shows her audience how to create a brand strategy that helps them differentiate themselves from the competition and command premium prices.

These brand identity exercises also help them define their personal brand positioning and craft their personal brand message so they can connect with their audience on a deep emotional level. They will also learn about her 4 pillars of branding strategies and personal branding framework.

Looking for branding courses in India? Download my free personal branding eBooks. In the online branding course, you’ll get 21 personal branding steps as well as a personal branding worksheet. You’ll also learn about the best online branding tools to build your personal branding toolkit.

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