Free WordPress Tutorial for Beginners: WordPress Video Course

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Learn how to install your WordPress blog with this free WordPress step-by-step video course and tutorial for beginners.

Get WordPress setup videos and a WordPress tutorial for beginners to learn WordPress in this free WordPress tutorial step-by-step online course. Setup your writer’s website with this free WordPress tutorial for beginners

WordPress is the best blogging platform to make money. The primary benefit of WordPress CMS is that it is built for SEO-friendliness. In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, you’ll learn how to make a WordPress blog step-by-step.

Most professional bloggers have self-hosted WordPress blogs because they know that WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms to earn money blogging.

To learn how to start a blog website and make money, you must know how to create a blog on WordPress. Finding WordPress tutorial videos that show you how to set up a blog on WordPress can be time-consuming.

Learning WordPress for beginners is easy with this WordPress tutorial course. No more will you have to waste time and effort searching for the best WordPress tutorials for setting up WordPress.

In this WordPress blog tutorial, you’ll learn WordPress from scratch. These WordPress video tutorials will take you through the WordPress installation steps to create a blog in WordPress.

You’ll learn how to start a WordPress blog by installing WordPress, how to install SSL for WordPress, how to install WordPress plugins, install WordPress themes and WordPress SEO plugins for your WordPress website in this WordPress basic tutorial.

In addition to learning how to make a blog on WordPress, you’ll also learn how to make a blog post in WordPress, and how to use WordPress to create pages in this WordPress training course.

Here are some things you’ll learn in this WordPress tutorial for beginners:

  • What You Need To Get Your WordPress Site Up
  • Choosing a Domain Name
  • How to Buy a Domain
  • Choosing a Webhost
  • Connecting your Domain to your Webhosting
  • Installing your Free SSL Certificate
  • Installing WordPress
  • Speeding up your WordPress blog
  • Optimizing your WordPress Blog
  • Installing Your WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Plugin Installation
  • Creating a New Post in WordPress
  • Creating a New Page in WordPress

…and much more.

Building a WordPress site from scratch is simple with this WordPress tutorial step-by-step course. This WordPress online training will help you learn WordPress step-by-step and make setting up a WordPress blog quick and easy.

Learn WordPress online with this WordPress course and step-by-step WordPress blog setup videos. You’ll learn how to create a blog on WordPress, how to make money through blogging, and how to become a successful blogger.

How To Build a WordPress Website from Scratch

Blogging Guide & Tutorial

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Why Choose WordPress?

What You Need To Get Your WordPress Site Up

Choosing A Domain Name

How to Buy a Domain on NameCheap

👉 Namecheap Deals

Choosing a Webhost

The Namecheap Business Hub has the best offers on Domains, Stellar shared hosting, EasyWP-managed WordPress, SSL certificates, and more.

👉 Best WordPress Hosting Providers

How to connect a domain name to your Shared Hosting

The Namecheap Business Hub makes registering, hosting, and managing domains easy and affordable.

How to install WordPress using Softaculous on Namecheap

Speeding up your WordPress blog

I highly recommend installing the Jetpack plugin for WordPress Speed & Security

👉 WordPress Themes, Plugins, Design & Troubleshooting Services

Preventing Mixed Content on Your Website

Pimp your Blog with Jetpack

👉 Jetpack plugin for WordPress

Spam-Proof your WordPress Blog

Optimizing your WordPress Blog

Learn more about SEO with these SEO Tips for Bloggers.

👉 Free SEO Courses & Best SEO Tools

Protecting your WordPress Blog from Hackers

Enhancing the WordPress Visual Editor

Installing Your Contact Form

Installing Your WordPress Theme

👉 Best WordPress themes & design resources

Installing WordPress Plugins

Creating a New Post in WordPress

Creating a New Page in WordPress

Setting up your Home Page in WordPress

Promoting your WordPress Blog

👉 45+ Blog Promotion Tips

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