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Want to advertise on BlogBrandz and publish a post on our blog? Here are some of the benefits we offer in terms of boosting your visibility and branding. 

Get your startup featured on BlogBrandz:

We feature text-based interviews with entrepreneurs and thought-leadership articles based on email interviews with entrepreneurs. We are not doing video interviews at this time.

Email for more information.

Benefits of publishing on BlogBrandz:

We spend a great deal of time and effort on each and every post we publish and will do the same for yours. Here are the benefits of publishing with us:

  • We will do keyword research and edit and optimize your blog post with LSI keywords for better rankings.
  • We will edit your post for Grammar and readability.
  • We will publish your post with optimized images.
  • We will embed relevant YouTube videos you share.
  • We create a Pinterest image and share it on 50+ Pinterest boards.
  • We will share your post on 20+ large Facebook Groups for entrepreneurs.
  • We will share your post with over 27k LinkedIn followers.

What sort of blog topics do we accept?

We accept well-written posts on evergreen topics of interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Your post must age well with time and not require extensive edits to stay relevant.

How-to and list posts do well with our audience. We also accept well-written, research-based articles on the internet and technology trends. We do not accept news articles or press releases.

  • Upcoming digital technology
  • Startup & entrepreneur tips
  • Coaching & consulting tips
  • Inspirational & motivational tips
  • Personal growth & self-improvement
  • Personal/online branding tips
  • Blogging tips
  • Book writing tips
  • Content marketing tips
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tips
  • Social media marketing tips
  • Pinterest marketing tips
  • PR & Public relations tips
  • Public speaking tips
  • Writing & creativity tips
  • Book publishing tips
  • Ecommerce Tips & tutorials

Guidelines for submission:

Any articles that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected.

  • Send at least 3 evergreen topics to
  • If you send your own article, it must be over 1200 words, original and unique, and not published anywhere else.
  • You may include ONE relevant link in the article body.
  • Also submit your Gravatar email and author bio, with a link to your website and social media profiles.
  • Send your guest post as a Word doc attachment only and attach images separately.
  • If you have a YouTube video you would like to embed, please include the link with the article.
  • All quotes or factual statements must be supported by inline links to references or authoritative sites.
  • Please edit for correct grammar and spelling. We will add editing charges for articles that require extensive editing.

We reserve the right to add our own internal links and embed relevant YouTube videos in the post.

Your article will be rejected if:

  • You include a link to THC/CBD, pharma, casino, gambling, and obscene websites.
  • You try to pass off plagiarized content as your own.
  • You sneak in a link to your own or to your client’s websites in the body of the post.
  • You send repeated “reminders” asking when your article will be published.
  • You berate us for not publishing your article.
  • You write disrespectful emails – we will ignore your mail and block you.


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