This blog accepts well-written guest posts on the following topics:

  • Personal branding tips
  • Online branding tips
  • PR & Public relations tips
  • Building an author or speaker platform
  • Social media marketing tips
  • Blogging tips
  • Content marketing tips
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tips
  • Pinterest marketing tips

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Send at least 5 blog topics for consideration by email to priyaflorence (@)
  2. Your articles must be over 2000 words, original and unique, not published anywhere else.
  3. All images provided must be your own photos or screenshots or stock images that you have purchased and have permission to use.
  4. You may include ONE link to your personal blog or website in the AUTHOR BIO at the end of the post.
  5. Submit your Gravatar email and your author bio, with a link to your own website, and links to your social media profiles.
  6. Send your guest post as a Word doc attachment and attach images separately.
  7. No affiliate links or links to your own or client’s websites are permitted in the body of the post. However, we reserve the right to add our own links in the post.
  8. All quotes or factual statements must be supported by inline links to references or authoritative sites that support those statements.
  9. Please edit for correct grammar and spelling. Any articles that do not meet our standard will be rejected.

Your article will NOT be published if:

  • You include a link to THC/CBD, pharma, casino, gambling, obscene websites.
  • You try to pass off plagiarized content as your own.
  • You try to sneak in a link to your own or to your client’s websites in the body of the post.
  • You send repeated “reminders” asking when your article will be published.
  • You berate us for not publishing your article.
  • You write disrespectful emails – we will ignore your mail and block you.

If you do any of the things above, we will block your email and not respond to requests for publication again.

We receive a large number of submissions and our publishing schedule sometimes requires guest bloggers to wait for months before their post gets published.

Benefits of Publishing on BlogBrandz:

We take a great deal of trouble with each and every post and we will do the same for yours. Here are the benefits of publishing with us:

  • We do keyword research and will edit and optimize your blog post with LSI keywords for better rankings.
  • We create a Pinterest image for your sponsored post and schedule it via Tailwind to go out on a large number of boards on our Pinterest channel.
  • We will share your post at least once a week on our Twitter channel with over 30,000 followers.
  • We will share your post to over 40,000 fans and followers on our social pages.
  • We will share your post via email to our opt-in newsletter subscribers