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What Is Blog Writing And Why Do You Need High Quality Content?


Blogs have been a mainstay of the Internet for a few years now, and what began as a simple, informal way to share personal thoughts has expanded to include everything from great literature to petty nonsense.

If a blog is just your hobby horse, the quality of the writing is probably not a critical factor. But even an informal blog that is poorly written is a blog set up to fail – or at least destined to remain a backwaters of the Internet, drawing barely a few hits a month.

High Quality Blog Writing Is The Key To High Traffic

Writing highly readable blog content that is interesting, grammatically correct and compelling is the key to what is perhaps the Holy Grail of the blogger – heavy traffic! If you think “any old thing will do” for your blog content, you are seriously mistaken.

In fact, the No. 1 factor in what makes a blog a success is the quality of the writing, and often the originality of the writing. Some bloggers spend most of their time surfing other sites, then cutting and pasting a paragraph, which they then post on their own blog with a link.

There’s nothing especially wrong with linking stories from other sites, as long as you are not plagiarizing that content, and providing a link back. But to achieve true blogging success, you must supply original, consistent, fresh content that is well written, interesting, compelling – and which gives people a reason to keep coming back for more.

Not only will people return often to read well-written content that interests them, but they will tell others about it, and they do that by creating links back to your blog. That in turns generates more traffic for your blog.

Of course, good writing is a high skill, and great writing takes inspiration and talent. Great writing doesn’t just happen. It’s a skill that is learned over time, and with dedication and plain old hard work.

On the other hand, you need not be the next Hemingway to write great blog content. You just need to meet a minimum standard of clear writing that is grammatically correct, and which gives your blog viewers real value.

Blog content that is valued and pleasant to read produces heavy blog traffic. Practice makes perfect. And if you just can’t get the hang of writing – hire a pro to do it for you. It’s important.


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