How To Turn Your Blog Into an Online Lead Generation Machine

Lead Generation Machine

Blogs are a low-cost and very efficient way to boost traffic and search engine rankings. They can also be used to generate leads in the form of blog subscribers.

Companies that blog:

  • Get 55% more website visitors
  • Convert 70% more leads
  • Have 97% more inbound links

57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog. Despite the popularity of blogging, many companies fail to generate a sufficient number of leads with it.


This article provides some tips to transform your blog into an online lead generation machine.

Blogging Leads To More Leads, Say 69% Of Businesses

Leads from Blogs Cost the Least
The 2011 HubSpot ROI Study, conducted by two MBA students from MIT and Babson, found that 69% of businesses surveyed attributed their lead generation success to blogging.

The study also found that 75% of businesses believed SEO was a primary factor. Social media came in third with 47%, just a hair shy of triple that of paid search.

If blogging is not yet a key factor in your marketing strategy, it may be time to clean out the closet and evaluate how your other marketing channels are helping you reach your marketing goals — or not.

Whatever channel or strategy is performing the worst, commit to putting it aside for five months to give yourself some time to start a blog.

Via Hubspot