7 Top Social Media

The world of social media is changing so quickly, it seems like if you blink, you’ll miss something. It’s very hard to keep up with the latest developments in the social media sphere.

One of the ways I stay up to date is by following a number of the best blogs on social media. Here’s a list of 7 of the best blogs that provide readers with excellent insights about social media and digital marketing online.

Get 50% More Leads By Auto-Publishing Blog Posts To Social Media


A recent analysis of leads generated by HubSpot’s customers indicates that companies that automatically publish their blog posts to social media get 50% more leads than companies that don’t.

So, how do you use this information to maximize your blog’s effectiveness through social media promotion?

The Hubspot article has some great ideas, and we actually follow some of them, including –

  • Optimizing our blog titles and content.
  • Providing easy social sharing options.
  • Using an automated delivery system and
  • Posting at the best times to publish in social media.

However, we would add a couple more tips that we use to get good engagement rates on our posts, and that is:

  • Manually post visual content (images) which are more likely to be shared and go viral.

Blogging Leads To More Leads, Say 69% Of Businesses

Leads from Blogs Cost the Least
The 2011 HubSpot ROI Study, conducted by two MBA students from MIT and Babson, found that 69% of businesses surveyed attributed their lead generation success to blogging.

The study also found that 75% of businesses believed SEO was a primary factor. Social media came in third with 47%, just a hair shy of triple that of paid search.

If blogging is not yet a key factor in your marketing strategy, it may be time to clean out the closet and evaluate how your other marketing channels are helping you reach your marketing goals — or not.

Whatever channel or strategy is performing the worst, commit to putting it aside for five months to give yourself some time to start a blog.

Via Hubspot