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Blogging has came a long way. The word blog is actually a combination of two words web log – and that is exactly what they were in the beginning. Logs, journals, and personal rants published on the web for all to see.

As companies began entering the blogging arena, they often focused on simple promotional posts and corporate news – of little interest to the average consumer.

To illustrate how much things have changed, let’s take a look at the style and strategy behind some of the most successful and best corporate blogs.

Here are 5 critical goals that corporate blogging can help you achieve with examples of  some of the most successful corporate blogs.

1. Create a Brand Identity

Naturally a successful blog will help people become familiar with your company name.

Corporate Blogging In India: How Successful Are Company Blogs?

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Nobody wants to be used as the guinea pig in some experiment and so some of the questions that are bound to crop up from any company seriously considering the inclusion of blogging in their corporate marketing strategy would include –

  • Are there any successful company blogs in India?
  • Who are they and just how successful have they been?

Actually there are numerous Indian companies that have fully embraced blogging and the number seems to be growing by the day, which is hardly surprising when you consider the fact that using blogs is such a powerful marketing tool with so much promise and possibility.

There are three names that keep popping up when making a list of the most successful corporate blogs in the country. It does not mean that these are perfect text book examples of the right way to blog for corporate companies.