Are you excited to go pro?

This blogging journey may feel intimidating or outright scary.

Most amateurs never become pro-bloggers because they hide in their cocoon of comfort.

If you allow your love of freedom, fun and fulfillment to outweigh your fear of failure, criticism and poverty you will do amazing things in your blogging niche of choice.

I have been on a wild ride over the past 8 years. I started off as a fired security officer. Now I am a full time, island hopping pro blogger.

I made the transition. You can do it too. But you need to be willing, open and ready to follow simple, practical tips in order to make your wildest dreams come true.

Ready to lay the foundation for becoming a pro?

Follow these 7 blogging tips to go from amateur to pro.

2 Free Blog Advertising Tips To Promote Your Small Business


If you run a small company, you may find that the world of blogging for business owners is a world that you want to be a part of.

Blogging is a great way to get the word out to consumers about your product or service, and it can even be useful for inspiring employee loyalty and helping you keep your workers at peak morale.

If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider what starting a blog might be able to do for you.

Blogging for business owners has a lot in common with all other types of blogging, but it has its own unique pitfalls and strengths. The key to having a successful blog as a business owner is keeping your goals clear and concrete at every step of your blogging adventure.

Blogging Tips: Use Social Bookmarking To Promote Your Blog

Social bookmarking sites are a growing trend and are becoming more popular each and every day. They are a great place to share your bookmarks with everyone and to be able to access them from any computer. They are also a great resource where you can post a link to your blog.