4 Business Blog Benefits That Will Leave Your Competition In The Dust

Brands with blogs attract 97% more links and 55% more website visitors than brands without blogs. ~ Jeanne Hopkins, HubSpot

If you ever had any doubts about the benefits of blogging for business, the quote above should banish that.

There are many advantages to starting a company blog. Here we elaborate on just four blog benefits that will take your business light years ahead of the competition, in terms of visibility, positioning and profits.

  • Get published in print

When journalists research a story, the first place they look is online (read, Google). Now if that story is about your industry or your company, you definitely want to be one of the top news sources in the search engines.

Having your own blog not only catapults you to the top of the search engine results pages,

Benefits Of A Blog: Top 10 Reasons To Have A Blog

A blog is truly is the hub of your online business and can easily be used as your main site, if you don’t have a website, or built into yours if you do have one. Here are the TOP 10 REASONS to benefit from the powerful marketing tool and foundation that blogging provides.