7 Steps To Write A Book: Writing Tips to Get Your Book Done

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Established authors are the envy of people the world over. Having your book read in thousands of homes, schools and offices is no mean feat.

At one time or another you may have started writing a book. Just a few pages into it, however, your creative gene may have dwindled and the whole idea was thrown into the bin.

You stare at piles of books on your shelves and wonder if all these authors have sworn secrecy to the steps involved in successfully writing a book.

A little research into the world of the author revealed seven simple steps to write a book. I interviewed a person who we will call Mr. Author, someone who candidly explained the simple steps he used in writing his book.

Gather round, fellow aspiring writers, I am about to share my newly acquired wisdom.

1. Choose Your Subject

The first step in Mr. Author’s writing is choosing your subject. It should be a subject of interest or one that you have gained expertise in. I know we all like to sound like geniuses, and many of us would like to author a book on nuclear science.

Such a book however is unlikely to continue past the second paragraph, which is probably what comprises our entire knowledge on the subject. It is better to keep based on a subject that you are well-conversant with.

2. What Do Your Readers Want?

The second step is to determine who your target audience is and ensure that there is a need for the information in your book.

Let us imagine a book on aspiring writers. Our target audience would be all the aspiring authors who desperately need this information to improve their writing skills.

3. Choose a Title

The next step is to choose a title. Your title must be compelling and focused. In this case, we could title our book ‘How to Write a Book’. Though an appropriate heading, it sounds drab and boring.

If we put a little creativity in to it, “Your Time to Write” is our final choice. This title is definitely catchier and appeals to the writer’s mindset.

4. Write the Back Cover

After the title, write out the back cover of your book explaining briefly the information contained in the book and the benefits it offers readers. The back cover will tell a potential reader why they should buy it.

5. Determine the Book’s Length

Next determine your book’s length, by dividing the number of pages you plan to write by the average pages per chapter, so that you also get the number of chapters.

Plan the book’s structure by determining the subject matter of each chapter, and then give the chapters equally compelling titles.

6. Create a Writing Schedule

Determine how much time you can set aside for writing each day, so that your work is consistent. That done, go ahead and begin writing without skipping any of the days or times you have set aside for writing.

In our book that would mean expanding on the information contained in your book outline in a more organized and detailed manner.

7. Get Someone to Edit It

Finally get a professional editor to edit your book, which means going through it and making corrections, additions and eliminations. Once you are done with that, you can sit back and admire your work as the newest author in town.

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