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Mobilize Your Blog: 4 Reasons to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Optimizing your blog for mobile devices can be one of the best actions that you can take for your blog and your business today.

Although this would mean spending some time and efforts to install the right plugins or get a programmer to do it for you, you’ll thank yourself for doing it.

Here are 4 reasons why you should make your blog mobile friendly.

1. Your readers are going mobile.

Let’s face it. Most, if not all, of the consumers are getting themselves mobile devices.

These are tablets and smartphones. The number of people who own mobile devices are increasing every day.

This means a significant percent of the daily internet users come from those who are using their mobile devices in surfing the web.

Mobile users are also active as they spend most of their time socializing in networking sites and in checking the net through their devices.

Being mobile-friendly would mean catering to every internet user who might visit your website, be it from mobile devices or from computers. This also helps you in getting a bigger market and audience for your blog.

2. A mobile-unfriendly blog can turn away visitors.

Imagine yourself checking a website on your tablet, but it takes minutes to load the page. What will you feel? Surely, you’ll get impatient and switch to another website. This scenario even happens when you’re using your computer.

A blog that has problems with navigation or with the photos on mobile devices is definitely a turn-off. A mobile user is most unlikely to revisit a blog or site that didn’t work in his mobile device.

You’ve lost a visitor because you haven’t optimized your blog yet. And, think about the thousands of mobile users that you will lose.

3. Being mobile is also being local.

Most of the people who are using mobile are just in the neighborhood and are looking for something in your area. Your mobile blog will certainly be useful for this purpose.

This is your time to shine. Making your blog available mobile will also make it available to those who will be needing information and deals. You might just lose these visitors to your competitor, if you’re not mobile.

4. Increase search engine rankings.

Search engines rank mobile websites and blogs differently. You’ll want a higher page ranking if you want more visitors for your website. As we all know, most internet users resort to search engines to find what they need.

This is also the case for the mobile internet. So, make sure that you’ve optimized your blog for mobile devices and have submitted your blog to search engines. This increases your chances in getting higher ranking which also increases your traffic.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should make your blog mobile-friendly. It is really worth the effort required to make your blog mobile because important to keep up with the technology that your blog readers are using.

Being mobile makes your blog competitive. It can help you in gain an advantage over your competitors. As they say, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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