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5 Reasons Why Lead Generation With Ebooks Works So Well

If you own your own business and you are struggling to get quality leads, you likely need to change your marketing approach.

Many business owners make the mistake of “selling” their business upfront.  There may have been a time when a direct approach was successful, but it doesn’t work for many people these days.

One of the most successful techniques being used in today’s world is to focus on lead generation with ebooks. There are many reasons that you should be using ebooks to generate leads and we will list the top five reasons below.

  • People Hate To Be Sold To

The fact is that people have grown very tired of being “sold to”.  If you hit them directly with a sales pitch, they will usually stop listening almost as soon as the pitch starts.

However, lead generation with ebooks is all about a much more subtle sales pitch.  The content in the book will serve as your marketing pitch, but it will be disguised as content the reader wants to read.

What happens is that when you write a good ebook, the people reading it will be interested and intrigued to find out what additional knowledge you have that would be helpful to them.

They will then click on the links you have at the end of the book, or even scattered around within the content of the book.

  • It Shows You Are an Authority

Being a “published” author automatically creates the impression that you are a respected source on the topic of the book.  This applies to an ebook as well.

If you have your name on a book that can be downloaded online, people are much more likely to view you as a trusted source of information in your industry.

  • Ebooks are Free

Another reason it’s a good idea to use the technique of lead generation with ebooks is that they’re usually given away for free (or at a very low cost).

If you are writing the book to generate leads, you want as many people to get their hands on it as possible.  The best way to get this done is to make it almost impossible for someone to turn down your offer.

  • It Serves as a Teaser

Writing an ebook is a great teaser.  The goal is to provide them with quality content that is actually helpful to them on whatever topic it is that they are researching.

However, the key is to find the line between providing quality content and leaving them with a few questions that aren’t answered. This will make them want to click over to your website, etc to find out what else you can teach them.

  • It Makes You an Automatic Expert

Perhaps the most important aspect of using an ebook to generate leads is that it paints you as an expert in your field.  If you blow them away with the great content in the book, you will develop instant credibility with your audience.

When you are using an ebook to generate leads, you want to make sure that you are giving them quality information, that it’s easy for them to get the book, and that you prove to them that you are a valuable resource on the topic.  This will make them come to you asking for more!

Image: Tina Phillips / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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