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How To Write a Book That Will Become Your Own Perpetual Motion Salesperson

author book signing
Imagine having your own salesperson promoting you and your business 24/7. And that this person works tirelessly without any salary or perks… or complaints, making sure that you get the publicity you need.

Now imagine that your customers are actually willing to pay your salesperson for his efforts and are overjoyed to receive the information he provides. And that this information makes you and your business a household name for your customers.

This salesperson is your new book – a perpetual motion sales machine that drives publicity and eyeballs to your website and your business.

A book that makes you out to be the expert in your field, gives you authority over your competitors and engages your customers as never before.

Having a book instantly gives you expert status and brands you as someone who knows what they are talking about. If that book is about your business, even better, because it will make you the “go-to” person that your customers will choose when they need the solutions you provide.

You can write your own book and have it published so that your customers can pay money to download and read it. Even if you price your book low, you not only get customers who are actual buyers and have shelled out good money, but are actually looking for the exact solutions you offer.

Your book can also get you free publicity because the media loves experts and often calls on them for quotes or interviews when they need to fill in a slot. Just send out a press release for your book that is tied into a hot news item and capitalize on the free surge of traffic and publicity that will get you.

You don’t even have to send out book proposals to publishers or read depressing rejection slips. Self-publishing is the latest rage in publishing and will get you instant recognition as a published author.

Imagine your pride when you can send your clients and customers, family and friends to your bookstore link where they can download your new ebook or order the paperback.

There are few things more thrilling than holding in your hands, a copy of your brand new print book, with your name as the author. As a published author, you will command a new respect from your family, colleagues and customers.

If you play your cards right, your new book can bring in targeted leads who pay you for high-end services and products. Many authors have built booming businesses on the success of their books and the backend sales that resulted.

The amazing thing is that you can do this without ever having to write a word. Getting a ghostwriter to write your book for you is a perfectly acceptable way to get a new book to market.

Consider hiring a good writer experienced in the field of writing for self-published authors, so that you can get the quality you need at a reasonable price.

When you decide to write a book to showcase your expertise, a world of new opportunities will open up for you and your business.


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