How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Keep Clients Happy

At a recent early morning videoshoot for the 24adp Digital Marketing Conference, I was asked how agencies can establish better relationships with their clients.

To that I had only one answer – align yourself with your client’s Digital Marketing goals. If you give your clients the results they are looking for, irrespective of which service you offer, you will have happy clients who recommend you time and again.

As an example, I present you a fictional client, ABC Properties. Now this client is a real estate developer who wants to sell flats. But he also wants to be known as an avant-garde developer of quality properties.

So we create a custom package for him consisting of business blogging, social media marketing and media relations, using Facebook’s promoted posts option to capture leads that result in sales of the developer’s flats. The blog is a way of supporting the media efforts and also gets syndicated on a number of property portals, which helps to leverage the unique content we create.

This not only helps the client achieve his ultimate goals – that of selling flats, but also gets him the thought-leadership and branding he is hankering for. After all, in the world of real estate, reputation is everything.

This is what I mean when I suggest to agencies, that they provide the client not only with the services they offer, but create custom packages designed to meet the client’s goals and help them achieve their business objectives, even if it sometimes means outsourcing some of these tasks.

Spend some time understanding your client’s business and then, instead of trying to sell them the solutions you specialize in, offer them specific ways in which digital marketing can help them achieve their goals, whether it is to increase traffic, signups, leads, sales or just branding.

That’s why it is worth repeating that agencies align themselves with their client’s Digital Marketing goals. It’s the best way to build a strong relationship with your client, show them that you genuinely care for helping them grow their business and are willing to make that extra effort in helping them achieve their objectives.

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