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What is email marketing and how does it work? What are the benefits of email marketing? Most businesses think they can buy email lists and spam a bunch of people.

But using a bulk email sender for your email marketing campaign can destroy the reputation of your business and put your domain on the spam list. Instead, you need to build an opt-in email database of leads that you can follow-up with.

Opt-In list building is one of the most effective ways of capturing and nurturing leads online and converting them into customers. Having a list of interested prospects will put you way ahead of competitors who don’t have an email marketing strategy.

In this free email marketing course, you’ll learn how to do email marketing the right way. You’ll learn about the best email marketing services and the best email marketing tools. You’ll get access to email marketing tutorials to help you set up your email marketing software and run an email campaign.

You’ll get the best email marketing tips to build an email list and nurture your relationship with your list using email marketing automation. You’ll learn email marketing best practices that won’t get your domain banned.

Here are the modules included in this free email marketing course:

  • Email Marketing Tools & Resources
  • Email Marketing Software Step-By-Step Setup
  • Email Marketing Tutorials
  • How To Ace List Building
  • How to Build a Relationship With Your List

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Email Marketing For Beginners