🤔 Learn the #1 mistake you’re making with your online course (and how to fix it)

So you spent thousands of dollars learning how to create and market the perfect course.

You’ve created your course videos and materials and you’re really proud of them.

You’ve sent out your course to a couple of friends and family members and they seem to like it a lot.


On the basis of their feedback, you decide to launch your course to your blog readers and subscribers.

And you get a few signups.

But no one ever completes your course or leaves a good review.


You just made the #1 mistake that most well-meaning course creators are making with their courses.

And it’s such a rookie mistake that no one even thinks it matters.

To help you understand what I mean, let me explain with a simple analogy.

Imagine you’re trying to get your book published so you can finally become an author.

Now you have your manuscript all ready to send to a publisher, so you think, “What the heck, let’s just get it out there!”

And you send it to a printer without ever getting it edited by a professional editor, or read by a few readers who are the exact demographic you’re targeting.

Do you think that the book will do very well at all?

Even if a few curious people pick up a copy, chances are that your book will be so poorly edited and organised that no one enjoys reading it.


Very few authors – even those who write bestsellers – can draft a perfect manuscript.

Most need a great deal of help from editors, proofreaders and publishers to create a bestseller.

So why should it be any different for course creators?

But that’s exactly what they’re doing today – releasing unproven, untested courses that deliver poorly on their promise.

So many creators are releasing courses without having a single potential customer test the course material for user experience and engagement.

That’s why so many online courses are mediocre at best, boring and impossible to complete at worst.

Even the good courses often have serious issues with deliverability and user experience.

Is it any wonder that less than 20% of people who take an online course actually end up completing it?

Most course creators never realize all the things wrong with their course because they’re so focused on creating it.

And they’re seeing it from the point of view of someone who’s been there done that.

So they have no idea how bad it can be for a student who’s actually trying to learn that material from scratch.


Now, if 80% of students in a particular teacher’s class failed the class, would you blame the students or the teacher?

The teacher, of course!

The onus for making the teaching materials and experience engaging and transformational is ALWAYS on the teacher.

Now, I’ve spent thousands of dollars taking online courses, some which were very good, many which were mediocre, and some so bad that I couldn’t even complete them.

And I take pride in completing what I start.

So your course has to be really bad for me not to finish it.

Especially when I’ve paid good money for it.


In fact, I consider myself a life-long learner and love learning so much that I really want to help online course creators do a better job of creating their courses.

So I decided to offer a new service that I call my E-Learning Course Audit Service.

I will test your course, going through it as a student would and assess whether it is easy to comprehend, engaging and provides a transformational result for the student.

After all, you DO want your students to complete your course and gain the skills or get the results you were hoping to teach them, right?

Why else would you become an educator if you didn’t?

After doing so many courses, I’ve developed a sixth sense for knowing which courses will create results and which won’t.

And if your course material is good, but your delivery sucks, I’ll tell you that too.

Now, the ideal time to do this is BEFORE you launch your course.

But if you’ve already launched, it’s not too late.

You can still make adjustments to create a better user experience and generate superior results for your students.


Considering the cost to audit a class, you could get amateurs to audit your online classes for free… and that’s your prerogative.

As an avid student of online courses, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a course good and gets results for students.

I can provide actionable recommendations to help you improve your online course so you can create the best experience for your students.

I’ll even throw in a guarantee.

If you see ABSOLUTELY NO RESULTS from implementing my recommendations, you don’t pay.

If you’re looking for a professional to audit your course, help you improve it and make it more engaging, effective and memorable, email me at priyaflorence @ gmail.com with the subject “Course Audit Services.

I want to help you create the best experience for your students so you can make the difference you want to make in the world.

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