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There’s a new style of content marketing that is getting a lot of attention from top content marketing experts around the web.

You can’t throw a rock right now without hitting a blog post or article about curation! People are giving curation a lot of lip service, but no one is really training on the topic.

What is curation?

It is the process of filtering information on a topic to come up with the best articles, videos, photos, or social discussions going on at a given time.

It is done by social marketers and content marketers.  Robert Scoble is primarily a social curator for example.

He shares tons of great things daily that he find among all the noise generated in the tech and startup markets.

People love him for it because they don’t have to do everything he does to stay on top of the market.  They just follow him and use him as a filter on the market whom they trust to bring the goods. is an example of a “hub curator.” Hub curators are sites that watch the news and thought leaders in their niche and report on the best information they find.

This is the content marketer’s sweet spot. We spend a ton of time creating (or having created) articles and blog posts from scratch.

Curation enables you to “riff” off of the news in your market and just give your two cents on a topic without writing 100% original content all the time.

It sounds like a fantastic dream come true.  But does it really work? And how do we implement it in our markets?

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