5 Great Ideas To Connect With Readers At A Deeper Level 2

5 Great Ideas To Connect With Readers At A Deeper Level

Blog readers do subscribe to blogs that create a deeper connection with them. Here are a few tips to connect with your blog readers at a deeper level.

Society is obsessed with social media and it can be difficult to really captivate the audience especially when you’re a blogger.

In fact, there is no proven formula for bloggers and blog posts to engage readers or to keep them coming back to your website.

However, readers do subscribe to blogs that create a deeper connection with them. So here are a few tips that you can try to connect with readers at a deeper level.

1. Master The Art Of Storytelling

When you start a blog, you have to establish rapport with the audience and storytelling is the part where you should master it.

It should be honest because the audience wants to understand the odds that you are going through and how you have overcome these things to get to where you are.

Personal posts mean a lot to the audience because it engages them and this is where you can get a high support level from the audience.

By giving a sneak peek into your life and how you perceive things, they will understand your writing style and at the same time established a rapport with you and take the audience-writer relationship to a deeper level.

2. Make It About Them Not About You

Experts and professional writers would say that writing good content is not really about how the writer’s feelings and opinions but it is about them- the audience.

You should listen for their opinion or pulse, and give them what they want at least in translating it to your blog content. This is perhaps why the word “you” is very important and should be used liberally.

You can always throw in a few lines like “I want to know what you think”, or “I bet you guys love this”, or “I bet you’ve been in the same situation” etc.

3. Empathize With Your Reader

Some writers, unfortunately, lack empathy for their readers, and that becomes evident in the first paragraph alone.

If you want to engage readers and let them carry on and read the rest of the article or content, you should work on the opening or introduction.

This is something that you should learn when you start a blog. If your openings are boring, they will not stay on the article and skip to the next one.

In order to get their attention and empathize with them, tell them something that you know that they will understand. Step into their shoes and let them know you understand what it is to be like them and perhaps let them know that you care.

Also, make them feel that they are part of the conversation. Appeal to their senses and don’t come off as a friend who is trying to give a lecture. Use simple words and don’t write content full of jargon or terms the target audience cannot understand.

4. Publish On High Authority Sites

One of the problems most blogs encounter is that they are in a not-so-popular field. You should know the difference between publishing your content on your own website or guest posting it on popular web sites or blogs.

Your shares, comments, and even views will vary greatly. If you are fairly new or just about to start a blog, it is best to choose the latter over the former.

It may take a while to really stand on your own feet as a blogger, but hearing about your blog on an authoritative site may lead to other people, especially popular bloggers, tweeting and sharing your posts, which can increase visibility and website traffic.

5. Build Instantaneous Rapport

Building rapport may not come easy to many people when especially when you start a blog. It means having a relationship with trust and emotional affinity.

However today, you can effectively use social media as a tool to build rapport with anyone. It does not take a lot of effort, because you just have to be friendly and become warm for people to come to you. Then over time, a deeper relationship will develop.

Enticing readers or even engaging them to a deeper level to make sure they come back to your blog can be difficult. But with consistency and doing things over and over again, you do have a chance.

After all, you want to show them you are reliable and personable enough to connect with them at a more personal level. If you liked these 5 ideas to connect with readers at a deeper level, please click to tweet the post below.

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