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Business Blogs In India: What Difference Can They Make To Your Revenue?

Do blogs work for businesses in India? Why should a business bother with blogging at all? Is this not just a fad that will soon pass like so many before it?

These are some of the common questions corporate and business leaders in India ask every time the subject of blogging comes up.

Sadly as they continue to ask these questions golden opportunities for increased revenues and market share using one of the most powerful tools for marketing ever created passes many of these executives and their companies by.

Solid statistics are beginning to emerge that conclusively point to the power of blogging and the amazing things that it can do to the bottom line of a business of any size. For instance it has been established that small business that blog receive a staggering 55 per cent more traffic than competing businesses that do not.

In a market that is so keenly competitive as India it makes a lot of sense to have a concrete blogging strategy for your business. There are several reasons for this but the one that stands out above the rest is increased targeted traffic that finds your business and products as an ideal solution to solve their problems.

The truth is that well over 80 per cent of the traffic that most websites receive comes via search engines. This is a very valuable audience for any site because they will find you based on keyword phrases they use on the search engine to find a product or service or a solution to a problem.

Blogging tends to generate a lot of content and search engines love content and reward it with tons of traffic. The prospects who find your company in this way are what marketers like to call “hot leads” meaning highly targeted people who are ready to buy right away.

For those corporate organizations where image is very important, blogging can also be a key to dramatically improving the way they are perceived by their audience. Blogs can do what few other marketing tools can do.

This is more so in an age where media is increasingly crowded by corporate advertisements that bombard the public every waking hour, causing most tune out advertising messages and even develop a negative attitude towards companies that are seen to advertise too much.

A company blog provides a unique opportunity to engage your target market on issues that keep your product and service at the top of their minds, without it looking like you are trying too hard to promote a new product or to repackage an old tired one.

Blogging can be used in numerous creative and imaginative ways. For instance where a personal direct link between the CEO of a company and its’ customers can be useful, regular blog posts and replies from consumers via comments on those posts have proved to be a very effective engagement medium that cannot possibly be replicated anywhere else.

In other words corporate blogging is the new battle frontier for companies not only in India but all over the world. Which means that if your business is missing a blog, there is no doubt that you are losing and losing big time.

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