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Blogs and Email Newsletters: Is One Better Than The Other?

Blog and email marketing are two totally different things. They are two complete different ways to market something, whether it is a product, or a service.

You are going to find that just because someone may use email marketing to make an income, does not mean that they always use blog marketing as well.

  • Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is when you use a blog to promote a service or a product. You can market the product or service so that it appeals to others, and is something that they might want or need.

By using a blog you can get the word out about the product that you are using and let others know all about it. There are several ways to do this. It can as simple or as complicated as you want.

For example, you can market your blog by exchanging links with other blogs that are relevant to yours. You can also leave comments on other blogs that will in return get you more visitors and readers to your own blog.

  • Email Newsletters

Email marketing with newsletters is when someone uses an email to get the word out about a product or s service. You get your visitors to sign up for a newsletter, and then send an email out to all of them that did so.

However, you will also find that email marketing is great for many other things than just getting the word out. You can promote affiliate products in your newsletters and get a commission when your readers buy through your link.

Marketing in every way is pretty much the same, in that you have to know who your audience is and who wants what you are selling. Once you know this, the rest is an easier to manage.

Whether you are email marketing, affiliate marketing, or blogging or marketing offline, the same will apply. You need to know who wants what you have to sell, and then sell it in the way that is best received.

Blog and email marketing are alike in many ways, yet very different. When you are using a blog for marketing, you have to post what you are selling on the blog.

But for email marketing, you can send an email only to those who have expressed interest. When you use a website to have people opt into your newsletter for email marketing, you know that you are not sending spam, but something that they requested from your site.

This is information that they asked to be sent when they sign up for a newsletter. Whereas if you are marketing a blog, you would do market much the same way as you would a website, and get visitors to come to you.

Whether it is blog marketing or email newsletters you can still get the results that you want. Just know that it takes time and persistence to achieve what you want from marketing online.


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