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10 Tips To Find The Best Blogging Topics (+50 Blog Writing Topics & Prompts)

Get tips to find the best blogging topics to write a blog, plus 50 blog writing topics, blog content ideas, and blog writing prompt for your blog topics list.

What should I write in my blog? How can I come up with new blog ideas?

We’ve all been there. Bloggers with writer’s block. Running out of blog post ideas and blog topic ideas to use for your next post.

Wondering how to come up with creative, new blog ideas for your next blog writing deadline? In this article, you’ll find 10 creativity-boosting ideas and 50 blog writing topics and prompts to come up with the best topics to write blogs.

10 Tips To Find The Best Blog Topics To Write A Blog

I’ve experienced writer’s block quite a bit over the years. But I usually manage to pull myself out of the funk and come up with new blog post topics with one of these creativity-boosting tips.

Here are 10 ways to eliminate writer’s block and find fresh blog content ideas and interesting blogging topics for your blog.

1. Read… a lot

There’s no way around this. If you want to create great blog content and come up with unique blog ideas, you have to read… a lot.

As the bestselling author, Stephen King says, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

But don’t stick to only the blogging topics list you’re comfortable with. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your reading list to new domains and themes.

Read books, novels, non-fiction – anything that grabs your eye. Going multi-disciplinary can spark your creativity like nothing else.

2. Watch movies and Netflix

Movies are stories translated into a visual format on the screen. A good movie can take you to places you would never otherwise explore, and give you insights that you would never have access to.

I love watching movies and Netflix series because they get my creative juices flowing. Watching movies has helped me understand human nature and storytelling better.

Some of my best ideas for my science-fiction novel were sparked off by watching the Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels series (even though my novel is nothing like the series).

Watching inspiring movies, like Legally Blonde and Yentl, gave me a fresh new take on a subject and come up with good blog topics around it.

Blog Content Ideas

3. Listen to music

Good music has the effect of putting me into a creative zone, a relaxed state of flow from where my best ideas can come. Listening to music has been shown to improve cognition and enhance learning and memory.

Not all music can boost creativity, but listening to happy music facilitates divergent thinking and instrumental music is especially good for creatives.

Classical music tends to rank highly for positive and energetic qualities, such as pieces composed by Antonio Vivaldi, which were most likely to encourage creative thinking.

I like to create multiple YouTube playlists of my favourite songs and instrumental music and listen to them when I’m working. You can also find plenty of music on YouTube designed to enhance deep focus and concentration.

4. Get outdoors

I can’t tell you how many times I have read this, but it’s worked beautifully for me. Spending time in nature is not only good for our health but can boost our mental health and help us connect to Spirit – the fount of all ideas.

I’ve found that I’m most inspired by beautiful landscapes and natural settings with water, like a beach or lake. Vacations are some of my most creative periods of ideation, even if I don’t do much writing when I’m travelling.

You can carry a journal with you and write down your ideas. Or use tools like Evernote or audio recordings to save the ideas you get when you’re outdoors.

But, to paraphrase James Patterson in his Creative Writing Masterclass, if an idea is really great, you won’t have to write it down, because the really great ideas are unforgettable.

5. Shut off your devices

Devices can be distracting to the point of killing all your creativity. For your creative juices to flow, you need some downtime.

You need to let your mind wander so it can focus on something other than emails and text messages. You need to be able to daydream in order to ideate and create, and you can’t do that when you’re staring at a screen.

In his TED Talk, Chris Bailey, author of the book, Hyperfocus: How to Manage Your Attention in a World of Distraction, recommends disconnecting from the internet every week for a few hours and rediscovering boredom.

This brings me to my next tip.

6. Embrace boredom

Sometimes great ideas come from just sitting and watching the world go by. As kids, we came up with some very creative games when we were bored, didn’t we?

I believe that boredom is necessary for creativity to emerge. Boredom makes our minds relax and become more receptive to solutions that we would never have thought of otherwise.

Author and productivity coach, Michael Hyatt, recommends taking a break and being bored in order to spark your creativity and come up with new ideas.

7. Unlock your creative flow

Meditation can put you in the perfect creative state of mind, called the Alpha brainwave state. In one study, being in the Alpha state increased creativity by 50 per cent.

This has worked very well for me in the past, especially when I practised a form of meditation called the Silva Method, created by Jose Silva, who created the world-famous Centering Exercise and creativity-boosting guided meditations.

This practice is similar to the Indian yoga asana called Shavasana, which creates a deep sense of relaxation, but it has some differences and I’ve found the Silva Centering Exercise the easiest way to enter the Alpha state of mind for enhanced creativity and intuition.

An important part of creative expression is getting through the blocks. Bestselling author and teacher Amy B. Scher uses energy practices and other activities to boost creativity and set your artistic expression free.

Her program teaches a transformational step-by-step approach to shift from depression to unlock your creative expression and flow.

8. Play with your kids or pets

One of my most inspiring articles, To Be a Champion, Become a Child, was written while watching my child play.

It inspired me to see how kids think and react and it made me want to share my observations with others.

Playing with your kids or pets can relax your mind and put you in a happy state of flow from where new ideas can emerge.

Trending Blog Topics

9. Interview your readers

Often we end up creating blog content about things that WE want to write about.

But your blog readers may be looking for other information that you’re missing out on because you can’t see beyond the tip of your nose.

So, interview your readers. Have them fill out a survey and ask them about their most pressing concerns.

It will give you a surfeit of ideas to draw from when creating your next blog post.

10. Use content intelligence tools

There are a number of SEO tools and content discovery platforms that you can use to come up with high-demand blog topics, evergreen content ideas, and blog post ideas for beginners.

Content intelligence tools like BuzzSumo can help you find trending blog topics and the most popular blog topics, while SEMRush can help you learn how to research blog topics for your blog’s content plan.

Use tools like AnswerThePublic and read posts in Facebook groups and Q&A sites like Quora to learn what sort of questions your target audience needs answers for.

Then use this information to come up with a list of blog topics and unique blog ideas that provide answers to these questions. A free content tool you can use to come up with fresh, new blog titles is Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

Another tool you can use to come up with blog title ideas is Fresh Title, a powerful title creator and title analyzing software that will help you instantly create hundreds of highly responsive titles and headlines for any content.

This Instant Title Builder tool can quickly generate over 830 powerful, “traffic-getting” blog title ideas or headline ideas by answering a few simple questions about your product, service, or subject.

You can also save time creating blog posts with these Free Blog Post Templates from Hubspot, so you’ll never have to start the blogging process from scratch.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks of these 6 popular blog topic templates to get you past writer’s block:

  • The “How-To” Post
  • The List-Based Post
  • The “What Is” Post
  • The Pillar Page Post
  • The Newsjacking Post
  • The Infographic Post

You can also check Google Analytics to see what sort of blog topics your visitors prefer reading and use Google Search Console to see the search terms your blog is getting found for.

This blog idea generation tip worked amazingly well for me when I saw a phrase that visitors were searching for in my blog analytics. I decided to jump on the opportunity by writing a quick post on it.

It not only got me a brand new client but the post also got syndicated on Monster.com. How’s that for inspiration?!

Here are some more blog topics you may be looking for:

  • Affiliate marketers may be looking for blog ideas that make money or blog topics that make the most money
  • Mom bloggers would love a list of the best mom blog topics or lifestyle content ideas
  • Those starting a blog for the first time will be looking for blog topics for beginners and unique blog ideas for beginners
  • Indian bloggers may be looking for the best topic for blogging in India

You’d be amazed at the hot topics for blogging and trending blog topics for blog writing you can come up with using these blog post tips and blog title tips to spark creativity, cultivate creative thinking and get rid of writer’s block.

Blog Content Ideas

50 Blog Writing Topics & Blog Writing Prompts

Are you still feeling stuck for blog content ideas? This blog topics list of 50 ideas for blog content will jumpstart your creativity and inspire you to come up with new and interesting blog writing topics to write a blog.

Most of these blog writing prompt ideas and blog post ideas can be used more than once, so you won’t run out of blog post topics for months to come.

  1. Special events – Relate your blog topic to a special event, a national day of, or holiday.
  2. News – Subscribe to Google news alert on your keywords and write about the latest news in your niche.
  3. Book reviews.
  4. Respond to a post on another blog in a niche similar to or related to yours.
  5. Blog milestone – Write about your blogging milestones, such as publishing your 100th post, getting your 1000th comment….
  6. Niche heroes -Blog about a person who made a positive contribution to your niche.
  7. Blog memes – Join in blog memes such as “Wordless Wednesday”. There’s at least one for every day of the week!
  8. Product review – An excellent way to work in some affiliate links.
  9. FAQs in your niche – Write a short Q & A based on FAQs about your niche.
  10. Blog comment response – Write a long and expanded response to a comment on your blog.
  11. Predict trends – What do you see happening in your niche in a year? 5 years?
  12. Historical view – What was your niche in the past? Or what past event influenced your niche?
  13. Top 10 tips on any topic of interest to your readers.
  14. Best of… – A good year-ender, make a list of your best posts for the year.
  15. Contests – Organize a contest for your blog readers, or make a list of contests your readers can join.
  16. What I learned from… a current event, a person you met, or an experience you had.
  17. Definitions – Define terms that are commonly used in your niche but a beginner may not understand
  18. New products – Not a review but simply an announcement of a new product relevant to your niche. This is another good opportunity to drop in some affiliate links.
  19. The biggest problem – Ask your readers what their biggest problem is about your blog topic or niche. They post their answers in the comments section.
  20. Biggest problem follow-up – Summarize the comments from #19 in another post.
  21. Biggest problem follow-up series – Write a separate blog post tackling each question from #19.
  22. Interview somebody knowledgeable in your niche, or has succeeded in it, or is otherwise interesting to your readers.
  23. Big list – Compile a big list of resources or tips, just like this one. The bigger the better!
  24. Reader Survey – Put up a brief survey online and blog about the results.
  25. Be provocative. Challenge a common belief or widely accepted idea in your niche.
  26. New idea – What new idea about your blog topic or niche have you come across lately?
  27. YouTube – Embed a funny, moving or insightful video on YouTube. You can even have a “video day” once a week.
  28. YouTube version 2 – Make YOUR own YouTube video. Publish it on YouTube then embed it on your blog. This way, you can attract traffic from YouTube to your blog.
  29. Freebie – Scour the ‘net for freebies that your readers will love. Or create a freebie of your own, such as a checklist or special report.
  30. Personal story – Use a personal story to illustrate an important concept or principle in your niche.
  31. Free to publish articles – Check out relevant articles in article directories such as Ezine Articles… but don’t publish them entirely on your blog. Instead, use an article or a group of articles as your take-off point for a blog post, or several.
  32. Link love – This is a post with links to other blogs. Some bloggers set aside one day a week to publish a list of the best blog posts on their topic.
  33. Photo – A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Search Google Images for Creative Commons pictures that your readers will like.
  34. Hot topics – Browse Reddit for hot topics in your niche
  35. Pros and cons – Examine what’s good and bad about something related to your blog topic
  36. Respond to relevant questions you find in Ask.com
  37. Guest post – Invite another blogger to write a guest post for your blog
  38. Reader’s post – Invite blog subscribers to submit an article or post to be published on the blog
  39. Inspirational post – Write a motivational post for your readers.
  40. Update an old post with fresh ideas, new learnings and current research findings.
  41. Beginner’s guide – What do beginners in your niche struggle with? Write a post to guide them through it.
  42. Best list – Patterned after “best-dressed lists” make a list of the best ___ in your niche.
  43. Worst list – Make your version of the “worst-dressed list” for your niche.
  44. New uses for – Think of new ways your readers can use gadgets and other stuff.
  45. Write about a live event that you attended and what you learned from it.
  46. Bribe post – Bribe your readers with a freebie in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter or RSS feed.
  47. Around the world – Compare how people in different countries do something related to your niche.
  48. Seasonal – Relate the month or season to your blog topic.
  49. Blog carnival – Join or host a blog carnival, where several publish posts about the same topic on the same day.
  50. Host a virtual “conference” on your blog – Invite “speakers” to publish their post on a specified date and time. Q&A happens in the comments section.

I hope these 10 tips to find the best topic for blog writing, along with these 50 blog writing prompts, will help you find great blog writing topics and blog writing ideas that your readers love.

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