Social Media Marketing Case Studies

These social media marketing case studies represent clients with whom we have worked for over a year and provided significant gains in blogging and social media marketing results.

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They are available for download in PDF format.

Social Media Expert Gains Over 45,488 Facebook Fans And Doubles Website Traffic To CEO’s Blog

Case Study: The New Constructs Blog

When the CEO of a well-known software company, asked us to build traffic and nurture a Facebook and Twitter Community for his blog, we took it as a challenge.

This new-age blog on sustainability, economics, education, veganism and other topics, aims to create thought-leadership about gentler ways of living in harmony with the Earth.

As the blog did not focus on any single topic, but rather covered a multitude of topics, we decided to target a broad category of Indians through a targeted Facebook ad campaign and build a large platform of fans to whom we could eventually announce the launch of the CEO’s upcoming book in 2014.

Download the PDF: BlogBrandz Case Study #1 – The New Constructs Blog.


Blogging & Social Media Expert Gains 15,064 Facebook Fans & Major Print Media Coverage For Real Estate Developer

Case Study: Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

When a well-known, Pune-based, real estate developer contacted us to build their social media and print media presence, we decided to create a blog as the hub of their social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles as their outreach posts.

As the target market was to include only a certain demographic in Pune, we had a very small number of potential fans to target for our Facebook ad campaign.

Download the PDF: Case Study #2 – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.


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