Digital Marketing Workshop For Startups


Learn the basics of digital marketing so you can grow your new startup.

Even if you hire someone else to do your marketing, you need to understand how digital marketing works in order to be able to set goals, track results and calculate ROI.

Blog Brandz offers digital marketing training in Pune to startups and organisations.

Our customized workshops can help you:

  • Bring your marketing department up to speed with using digital marketing
  • Boost your business and provide better customer relationships
  • Learn how to use digital marketing to grow your business yourself

What you can expect from the workshop:

This workshop will not make you an expert in digital marketing.

It is meant to introduce you to the basics of digital marketing, so that you can get your startup off the ground and in front of your clients and customers.

The workshop will cover the modules below:

1. Digital Marketing Basics

  • Understanding Inbound marketing
  • Buyer personas
  • Inbound lead generation
  • Marketing funnels

2. Basics of SEO

  • SEO principles
  • What worked in 2016 and what to expect in 2017
  • Keyword research
  • Conversational search
  • On-page SEO & off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google ranking factors and updates
  • Measuring success

3. Basics of Blogging

  • The why and how of blogging
  • Blogging platforms
  • Blog optimization
  • Blog writing and promotion
  • Blogging etiquette.

4. Content Marketing

  • Role of content
  • Standing out from the clutter
  • Writing headlines
  • Viral content
  • Content in 2016 and beyond

5. Social Media Marketing

  • The why and how of SMM
  • Monitoring and strategies
  • Social content
  • Introduction to social media networks and how they work
  • Avoiding social media blunders

6. Google Adwords

  • Keyword types and campaigns
  • Ads and landing pages
  • Introduction to A/B testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

7. Email Marketing

  • Email marketing strategy
  • Opt-in vs opt-out
  • Autoresponders
  • Lead nurturing an conversion
  • Testing and tracking

8. Mobile Marketing

  • Introduction to mobile marketing
  • Statistics and importance
  • Tactics, types and takeaways

Customer Testimonials:

Here are some of our customer testimonials for our Digital Marketing Workshops.

Prasad MenonPriya was among the first ones to see the digital marketing future, years before it became a hygiene factor in India.

She is an authority on digital marketing and social media therefore is the right person to engage for professionals and students looking to up their Digital Marketing Knowledge.

On my invite she conducted a successful workshop for the 2nd year MMS (post graduate Management Students) of Marketing at Fr. Agnel Business School (FCRIMS).

We look forward to another workshop for the new batch.

– Prasad Menon, Associate Partner at Better Future India

Anshumaan-Bansal.jpgPriya conducted a digital marketing workshop for our team.

Apart from her knowledge and practical tips, her attitude to go the extra-mile to support us, was truly amazing.

– Anshumaan Bansal, Gempro



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