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Webinar: How To Use Blogs To Brand Yourself And Your Business

Did you know that a blog can help you create a brand with very little investment?

If you’re spending thousands of rupees on advertising that is not getting results, watch this free webinar to learn why your business needs a blog.

You’ll learn how to create, publish and promote your own lead-generating blog.

Why Do I Need a Blog? I Have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the largest social networks with hundreds of millions of potential clients and customers. If you’re looking to network with prospects and brand yourself online, they’re an essential part of your marketing strategy.

One of the questions I get asked frequently is, “Why do I need a blog when I have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?” The points here will, I hope, help you understand why a blog should be the hub of your online branding and marketing efforts with social networks being your outreach posts.

7 Questions To Ask Before Starting a Business Blog

Today the newsmakers are not the big media publishers.

They are the independent publishers, writers, authors, bloggers, experts who take the time and trouble to get their voice out online.

When you publish a blog, YOU become the “go-to” person in your industry and YOU’RE the one who gets quoted in the media.

This is the primary reason why a blog may be just the tool you need if you’re looking to brand your business online.