Blogging For Small Business

How to Use Blogs & Content To
Grow Your Small & Medium Enterprise (SME)

By Priya Florence Shah

Are you frustated at the fact that your small business is still an unknown entity? Despairing at the lack of visibility and branding your business suffers from?

Here's what you need to know about creating influence and visibility. Today's newsmakers are not the big media publishers.

They are the independent publishers, writers, authors, bloggers, experts who take the time and trouble to get their voice out online.

When you publish a blog, YOU become the “go-to” person in your industry and YOU’RE the one who gets quoted in the media.

This is the primary reason why a blog may be just the tool you need if you’re looking to brand your business online.

This book is an introduction to the process of creating and publishing a business blog that will help the small and medium enterprise (SME) create branding and visibility online.

Reviews for the book:

I have had the privilege to assess and peer review a draft copy of the e-book 'Blogging for Small Business'.

As a business coach and mentor; Chartered Manager and Consultant in skills development, employability and education management, and having worked with a number of businesses, social enterprises and charities across the UK; I support innovations, inventors and small businesses market their products and services in a highly competitive environment affected locally, nationally, and globally.

Having read this book, I felt it is a breath of fresh air for individuals, who would like to market their products with economies of scale and scope in mind, but also value for money approaches, creativity enabling and maximising market appeal; either as a market leader, market newcomer, new market generator.

This book is a valuable resource by a credible expert author in the field of social media. The reflective prose makes it easy for owners of small businesses, to consider options suited to their business and niche.

In an otherwise competitive market, this book is a valuable tool for any business, who wants a proactive and success-proof social marketing experience.

Follow the Guidelines | Be Proactive | Communicate Clearly and Concisely | Test your Boundaries | Be Creative | Be a Market Leader

Prabhjit Kaur
Senior Partner and Founder - Workforce and Skills Management Consultant

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Published by the
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Priya Florence Shah.
 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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Reviews for the book:
As a professional writer and amateur blogger, I found ‘Blogging for Small Business’ immensely helpful.

Being a successful blogger herself, Priya has offered a comprehensive perspective on finer aspects of blogging such as content creation, traffic and search engine rankings, branding, and blogger etiquettes.

I have started applying these principles onto my blog and the traffic boost is quite noticeable already!

Shuchi Kalra,
PixieDust Writing Studio

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